Our Clients Make Our Value Clear

Our Clients Make Our Value Clear

Excelovation Clients Receive Exclusive Service

We understand the value of reviews, and there's a reason why we don't have any posted.

We happily demonstrate our loyalty to our clients by protecting their competitive advantage.

  • We work under NDAs 90% of the time.
  • If we're engaged in ongoing consulting, we will not work with a competing business.

If client recommendations are necessary,  we'll provide them, with our clients' permission. Just get in touch to get the conversation started.

We'll Connect You to Our Clients

Just reach out for an initial conversation and we'll let our clients tell their stories.

The Excelovation Process ~ Inspired by Lean Six Sigma and Refined for Marketing

    Understand the business, the goals, the challenges and the long-range plans.


    Learn how the tactics work and define ways to measure ongoing success.


    Identify gaps & opportunities. Suggest a tapestry of tactics to achieve goals.


    Review metrics over time, recommend adjustments to optimize.


    Confirm success & sustainability; iterate to continue improvement.