About Us

Excelovation is an Atlanta-based marketing idea company, founded in early 2003. Jill Pullen and Jason Wade were introduced to each other by a mutual client who had the vision herself to see what two determined, opinionated and creative people could imagine when they combined their diverse perspectives.

Chief Executive Officer

Jill Pullen is an Atlanta native whose career began in the print advertising world of catalog showrooms. She shifted to Information Systems to give her left brain a workout, then returned to marketing to let her right brain run free.

In 2003, she and Jason Wade launched Excelovation, an agency that delivers tangible marketing direction that is focused on the buyers' wants.

She loves puzzles, logic problems, mysteries and the Atlanta Braves. She is caregiver for one senior citizen, two rescue dogs and two rescue cats -- all of whom are spoiled. When Jill's not doing business you can find her trying to convince her Dachshund to bark with his inside voice, or in the kitchen with her Mother, capturing two generations of great Southern recipes.

Chief Revenue Officer

Jason Wade is a Georgia native whose interest in business started at the age of 13 (when he started his first business) and in technology (with his first computer) in 1981.  Over the years Jason married his love of business with his passion for technology.

In 1995, Jason's interest shifted to the internet, and he learned HTML and ColdFusion. Since then, he's developed websites and online applications, both as the lead developer and as a member of a larger team. In 2003, he joined forces with Jill Pullen to create Excelovation and shifted his energies again, this time toward business development.

Jason is a US Army veteran and an Eagle Scout.

Project Manager

Sarah Teigen is a graduate of the University of Georgia with a professional background in Marketing, Social Media and Event Planning.

She and her family split their time between Georgia and Norway. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling and sailing.

Writer, Client Services

Patricia Meek is an Atlanta native. Inspired by a chance meeting with journalist Gloria Steinem, she went on to ridiculously overachieve, earning three degrees in an effort to move out of the secretarial pool. She became a newspaper reporter, a paralegal, an executive office manager, the associate editor of an Atlanta magazine, and a co-founder and office manager of one of the first IT companies.

Most recently she worked for 15 years as the founder, co-owner and editor of a website development and hosting company before joining Excelovation and refocusing on writing.

Patricia has two grown children, lots of cats and a dog, and is a supporter of animal rescues.

Social Media Creator

Katrina Pacensa brings seven years of social media management experience and enjoys staying up to date with the latest trends. She holds a bachelor's degree in communications with a specialization in Public Relations from the University of Alabama, and has spent her career in social media.

In her free time, Katrina loves adventures with her German Shepherd, Bear, and visiting her family in south Florida.