Tangible marketing direction when you're bombarded by choices

Tangible marketing direction when you're bombarded by choices

Strategic Consulting

  • What are your prospects doing -- right now?
  • Are your online assets doing the heavy lifting?

Digital Analytics

  • Where are site visitors getting confused?
  • Where are your new customers coming from?

Reputation Management

  • When do you ask for a review?
  • How quickly do you respond?
  • Do you share reviews across social media platforms?

We focus on your customers - your strategic goals - your budget

Let's Talk about You

There's no such thing as one-size-fits-all marketing. Let's start with your goal, and work our way back from there.

The Excelovation Process ~ Inspired by Lean Six Sigma and Refined for Marketing

    Understand the business, the goals, the challenges and the long-range plans.


    Learn how the tactics work and define ways to measure ongoing success.


    Identify gaps & opportunities. Suggest a tapestry of tactics to achieve goals.


    Review metrics over time, recommend adjustments to optimize.


    Confirm success & sustainability; iterate to continue improvement.